My Kind of Night (part 2) – Chieffy on GTWM

Chieffy was only around until the first break (approximately 30 minutes) to answer Mo, Basti and some lucky callers’ questions about football and the Azkals. He gave valuable insight on how the team was preparing for the upcoming Challenge Cup, and even talked about some of the other players on the team. The episode is downloadable through both iTunes and NMF’s website.

Click to play.

Click to play.

Mo even mentioned me in the 28th minute and I quote, “Anj there, who is our producer, is a HUGE, HUGE Azkals supporter. Just BIG, BIG time.” Chieffy then follows up with an anecdote of what happened before the show, while I was waiting for him in the parking lot. After that recent misunderstanding with a certain player a few weeks back, I hope there’s no more reason to question my support for the team, anymore. ;p

I know I haven’t always been kind to him especially when he flubs  a pass or misses a goal, etc., but I still have the highest respect for someone who has always been with the team, playing only for the pride of representing our beloved homeland. My (sometimes) scathing commentary of his performance is only because I want the best for the team, and that I know he’s still capable of giving an even better performance, what with his speed and agility on the pitch.

Before leaving I had Chieffy sign my Azkals shirt, and my Suzuki Cup ticket. I told him how grateful I was to have met him, and that he can expect me at future games.


I love my job, but that night made me so much more thankful that I have been given the opportunity to meet people I truly idolize, and would never have been able to meet if not for the show. It’s also made me realize how long I’ve come to loving the beautiful game. Three years ago, I would never have given a fck about the sport, or even the players (no matter how pogi some of them may undeniably be). I’m lucky to have had two of my loves (football and the podcast) in one night. As I repeatedly asked during the night, birthday ko ba?  Nasan na yung jacket ko? =)

Let me end this long ass post with a quote from Chieffy. Upon Mo’s question about the story of Chieffy’s signature airplane celebratory move, Chieffy proudly replies,

“I always aim high.”

And aim high he did. Thanks for the inspiration, Chieffy.

Glad I was able to squeeze in this photo op with Chieffy in the middle of producer duties.

Glad I was able to squeeze in this photo op with Chieffy in the middle of producer duties. That’s Basti in the background.


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