So I changed my blog address

10422199_10205997272788592_6393279420750110303_nSince the last time I posted something here, a lot has already happened in local football. Many players have come and gone, teams in and out of relegation. I’ve been part of two football shows, worked with five hosts, countless guests, on one network— NMFtv.


Fever Pitch (2013)


with Phil and James Younghusband

From a new footy fan, I believe I’ve learned more than I possibly could in the four years that I’ve been supporting (mostly) local football. This new blog address is a play on one of the segments that I have for my football show (hosted by no less than Coach Hans Smit and Jing Jamlang), the 12th Man. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to spread my love and support for the sport that I have come to love as the producer of Hans-On. I have been approached by different people on countless occasions saying they enjoyed watching the show. Full credit goes to Coach Hans and Jing who are masters at their craft. My work is nothing compared to theirs. 🙂


with Coach Hans and Jing, covering the PFF Smart National Club Championship

I’ve never actually quite gotten over my football fangirling self as I still let myself shriek (a little quietly) every now and then, especially when I meet some of my favorite players.


Coach Hans, Jing, OJ Porteria (!!!), Kenshiro Daniels, Simone Rota, Sr. Mary

I never imagined meeting some of them, let alone strike a conversation, with the players I only used to write blog posts about. I may have been entangled in controversies with a couple (blame it on Mo), but I have generally made peace with these guys. Four years ago, I was content learning and watching the game alone from the stands. I’m sure if my new footy fan girl self saw me now, she would most definitely be proud. 🙂


At the UFL Opening in 2012


At the 2015 PFF Smart Club Championship


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